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Flat Roof Repair and Install

Low slope roofs are an individual trade alone. The mastery of waterproofing is historic, and Allied recommends Built-Up-Roof Installation in some cases, or many times flat roof repairs are part of long term maintenance. 

It might be surprising to know that there are hundreds of products to choose from, and all are not created equal. A roof coating contractor can help extend the life of a flat roof for years. 

E.P.D.M roof repairs, or otherswise known as rubber roofing; is available in black, white, and is a paintable membrane for longevity. Meeting the demands of increasing energy efficient homes with growing technologies with a long standing track record really shows up with roofing. It's one of thsoe things, quality is the top priority. 

Many flat roof repair, and replacement options are avaibable. Please contact us today to talk more about Commercial flat roofing, residential flat roofing, and waterproofing projects. 

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