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Allied Soffit & Fascia Repair

Beautiful new Soffit & Fascia or repairing dry rot also improves attic ventilation, helping properly regulate inside heating and cooling systems. Reducing energy consumption and saving money on bills. Soffit & Fascia provide property owners with many important benefits, such as improved structural integrity and lifespan for keeping at bay outside hazards to your beams and roofing including weather and insects.

Soffit & Fascia Repairs

Fascia board closes the ends of rafters on the outside of buildings, and is oftentimes used to support rain gutters. The Fascia extends from the roof edge and goes down normally about six inches to meet the soffit. The Soffit normally runs from the bottom of the fascia to the top piece of wall board.Some early warning signs that your soffits or fascias need repair include: leaking gutters, rotting or sagging wood or roof ends, and damp patches appearing on your interior walls. We offer vented and non-vented soffits, aluminum, smooth sanded plywood, fiber cement board, and custom made cedar. We'll help you choose the right soffit and fascia for your budget, your application, and the asthetics of your building. Here in California the winter rains are harsh and the summers are hot and dry. That's why Allied only uses soffit and fascia products that can stand up to the extremes of the San Francisco Bay coastal weather. Soffit and fascia replacement is often part of a larger siding project, but sometimes all you need is the soffit or fascia repaired. Allied is ready to give you a free estimate and help recommend necessary repairs. We offer fascia panels with warranties up to 15 years, and soffits with warranties up to 30 years. Allied offers all types of soffit and fascia including but not limited to: metal, wood, composite, pvc, plastics and more...